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Yogic Living: Let There Be Peace


We all long for peace—a deep longing for personal peace of mind and a collective longing for peace in the world. Yogi Bhajan spent his life teaching how to meet the challenges of conflict and how to stand for truth and develop lasting peace within our hearts and in our world. 

Your personal yoga practice is the greatest vehicle to help bring peace to this troubled planet. Start by finding peace of mind. Yogi Bhajan taught us to fight for this inner peace every day by applying the pressure of sadhana and never giving up on ourselves or on each other.

What can you do right now that will help the light of peace shine on your face and guide others toward that enlightenment? Through your courage, through bringing hope, through kindness, through your grace, become a light of peace today.


At the Feet of the Master

Prayer for Peace by Yogi Bhajan

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Kundalni Yoga Technology

Meditation for Peace  

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