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Invitation to Women's Camp

Did you know that the bulk of Yogi Bhajan’s body of teachings are about women, and aimed towards women? 

For decades, Yogi Bhajan delivered these teachings before an all-female audience for two straight months at a time at what was originally known as Khalsa Women’s Training Camp. Yogi Bhajan shared these ancient yogic teachings with women independently so that they could freely tap into their body, mind, and spirit in a safe and uplifting environment. It is when the mind is aligned with the teachings and the body is relaxed, that healing occurs and joy is unveiled.

Today, Yogiji’s women’s teachings are delivered by women who attended those early Women’s Camps and sat at his feet, and who also bring their own set of rich personal experience of living these teachings for over thirty years.

This summer women will come together from all over the world to the sacred land of Guru Ram Das Puri in New Mexico—where there is fresh air, clean water, and beautiful desert landscape—to be with other women of like Spirit. As sisters, through the practice of intense Kundalini Yoga, group processing, and hands-on activities, they will reclaim their majesty, grace, and the perfection that is inherent in all human beings.

The Spiral of Excellence: International Women’s Camp Themes—The Five Female Virtues

2009    Kindness

2010    Compassion

2011    Creativity

2012    Courage

2013    Majesty

We invite you to the sacred land of Guru Ram Das Puri for one week this summer to co-create an event that will anchor us as women of the Aquarian Age.

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