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Numerology for June 2016: Resolving the Unresolved

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of June inspires the desire to bring a light of Truth into our lives. We will be experiencing a focused intensity in our heart, which speaks, “I want to get to the bottom of this!” No more wishy-washy half-truths. We want the full spectrum of information, so we can resolve our situation.

The number 6 of June represents issues of honesty, protection, love, and the immune system. If we are dishonest with ourselves, our health will suffer. Many auto-immune disorders have a connection to poor self-esteem, and this often originates from growing up in a home where parental love was conditional. As in, “If you are a good little boy or girl I love you, but step out of line and you’re an outcast.”

Much of addictive behavior stems from this dynamic, and whether you are addicted to alcohol, a substance, or a dysfunctional relationship, the root cause of the pain will be coming to the surface in June.

A friend of mine once told me a story from her childhood, which she now recognizes is the source all her pain. Her father was an alcoholic. Every evening before he came home she would stand at the top of the stairs, listening closely as the front door opened, waiting to hear if he was, “Happy Drunk” or “Angry Drunk.” If he was happy she knew it was safe to come downstairs and be with the family. If he was angry, she would run to her room and hide under the bed till the madness and mayhem was over.

The trauma from this type of upbringing sets the stage for adult relationships, and often a person will attract a spouse or partner with a similar behavior. This is the power unresolved childhood issues can have over us. In our hearts we are all seeking the purity of that first loving hug by our parents, no matter how badly they may have behaved later in life. We all have scars, and the angst of these emotional scars will be coming out, so they can be dealt with and healed.

Number 6 represents the Fire Element, and we have double 6’s in June, as the Base calculation is a 6 as well. This, combined with the overall number for 2016, number 9 (Fire Element), brings a tremendous amount of heat to the planet. This heat will be experienced through the temperature, as well as in people’s moods and emotions. It’s a fiery time, and it will take an effort to stay cool.

It will be difficult for people to gauge what they are saying, and surprising to see the level of emotional outbursts occurring. When anger turns to rage, it can get messy. We will also be experiencing an increase of Solar flares and the potential of volcanic activity.

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Well, I hear there’s some nice beachfront property in the Andromeda Galaxy, how do I get there?” It is unlikely you will be able to travel that far, so let’s look at a few ideas for navigating the present landscape.

First, have the awareness that you might be cleansing and releasing some potentially painful childhood issues, and this is a temporary situation. It can be seen as a purge, an intense release of that which is unwanted and holding you back.

What makes cleansing easier? Water, the number one most important part of physical cleansing; vitamin C, the only vitamin your body cannot produce on its own; fiber, as in green leafy vegetables and salads; and chlorophyll which is very healing and helps keep the body cooler.

Next is the emotional part of cleansing. There is a very powerful Kundalini meditation called “Kriya for Healing Addictions.” Practicing this will help to unlock and reset the patterns in the brain that keep you tied to addictive behavior. There is a way out from the past.

June is a time of being very present and aware of our emotional patterns, giving us the opportunity to change what is no longer working in our lives.

The “trigger point” will revolve around the themes of justice and fair play. If you feel overwhelmed by an imbalance at work, home, friendship, or family, it’s all coming out.

Number 6 represents honesty and integrity, and anyone dealing from the bottom of the deck will have you feeling infuriated at the injustice of it all.

It is important to vocalize your view of the situation with a neutral, balanced perspective such as, “I don’t feel comfortable with the present arrangement, and I have a few ideas as to how we can bring things into a better alignment for us all.”

This statement creates a space of awareness that all is not well, along with the intention of working things out for the common good. Please find time and space for this over the next 30 days, as whatever is not sorted out now can turn into a sinking dead weight of despair in July. “How did I get trapped in this!” might be the reaction to the loose ends that could have been tied up in June. Remember, somebody told you.

June is the mid-point month in a year of enormous change on the planet. The themes of cleansing and clearing, and death and rebirth, are at play all around us. It takes the unique ability to be able to step back from the picture, away from the drama, to be able to keep one’s equilibrium amidst the tides of turmoil.

Know that as you walk your own path, in simplicity and grace, you stand out to the Heavens as a person worthy of Divine Guidance and support. Trust in the abilities of the higher benevolent forces to supply you with what you need in this dimension of time and space, and know that all that you need is being held in trust for you.

This is the path of security and grace, in the unfolding of the Aquarian Age. Sat Nam.

“The collective psyche of people in love changes others.”
-Yogi Bhajan 1-17-2000

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