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Numerology Forecast for July 2018: Deep Introspection

By Nam Hari Kaur

July is a deeply introspective month, and we must take time to decompress and regroup for the second half of the year.

The number 7 represents the themes of sanctuary, contemplation, and the need to release from the mind, body, and auric field that which is no longer working for us. This three part cleansing effect is essential to engage with now, as we need to have ready a space within ourselves for the new opportunities.

Sneak Preview: the month of August holds a powerful new frequency for the planet, and there are abundant opportunities waiting for you in every direction of life. Your ability to “clear the deck” ensures smoother sailing to your next port of call.

Presently in July we need to follow a simple 3-fold plan to get our ship in order. First, cleanse yourself physically in some way, especially through sweating. Any form of out-and-about exercise is good, as well as getting into a dry sauna for 15 to 20 minutes. (Adjust this time to your capacity.) Then ideally, you would dip into a cold plunge or pool for a few minutes, and then back to the sauna. You can do 3 rounds of each back to back, as Yogi Bhajan has said that this practice flushes out the capillaries like nothing else.

Balance this routine with common sense, and if you tend to feel faint or have any medical condition, of course consult your doctor first.

Additionally, the Bach Flower Essence of Crab Apple is specifically good for emotional cleansing. You can add a few drops to your water bottle, and begin to feel the dead weight of the past fall away.

The Second Step

The number 7 embodies the world of sound, music, and mantra, so simply chant your favorite mantra for 11 minutes a day. This will help to set the right frequency. In my world it’s not just all about mantras, and one of my happiest pastimes is going to Youtube and surfing the 70’s and 80’s tunes. Here’s one of my personal favorites:

The Third Step

Now let’s take a look at the emotional side of number 7, as it combines with the intensity of number 9 in the Base calculation. This dynamic duo sets into motion the longing for a new sense of intimacy and spiritual connectivity. We are craving more of a “dovetail fit” in our life experience, and there is a passionate need and longing to feel understood and appreciated.

There is a great physical longing as well, so July will be a very romantic month! This is because the Transformer number for the Heart calculation is a 2, and number 2 represents the “longing to belong.” We want that coziness, connectivity, and physical satisfaction.

It is all there for you, just be sure you’re stepping onto a boat that is sea-worthy, and not a leaking ship. Ever get half-way out to sea with someone, and then realize it’s a difficult and draining swim to shore? Maybe there are even sharks in the water, making the journey way less fun.

Balance your “longing to belong” with another characteristic of the number 2, which is “Divine Discrimination,” which basically means having good boundaries.

The cleansing aspect of this month will help you with this, and a positive affirmation for you can be: “I no longer attract that which is diminishing or defeating. I now attract and accept only that which is elevating and excellent.”

Looking again at the spiritual and emotional aspects of July, it is important to know that number 7 represents the voice and issues of trust. We now need to speak up to those we care for, and express exactly what our trust concerns are. It is fair to say that at times you can only trust yourself and God, however, we do need to work and co-create with others as well. Where appropriate, see if you can start a dialogue along the lines of, ”I’d like to have a greater sense of trust with you. Can we try to sort out a few details so this can happen?”

This non-threatening approach can be the tipping point to a better understanding and creation of common ground. Remember, you don’t have to always agree, you just need to be able to establish a dialogue where each side feels heard and validated for their perspective. This is the beginning of how we can change the world.

Planet Earth

Number 7 is the Water Element, and Mother Nature will be kicking up her heels in this arena. Across the planet we will be witnessing dramatic events connected to storms, flooding, hurricanes, etc., and this certainly seems to be the new normal.

Planet Earth is cleansing itself too, and we are a part of this experience. Not to worry, as there is plenty of land further inland, and some people will be lead to consider where their future roots need to be planted.

So, in synopsis this is a time of personal cleansing for greater clarity and effectiveness in the world and then super-charging yourself with your favorite mantra for 11 minutes a day, and sorting out your present relationships so you know where you can place your trust.

You are a part of the Universal creativity, and as you choose to consciously engage with the flow of creation you will be supported and guided. This number 11 year (2+0+1+8=11) promises that, as 11 represents the sound current of Infinity. Know that as you vibrate the Cosmos, the Cosmos shall clear the Path.

“When life is applied, life is supplied by God.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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