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Numerology Forecast for November 2020: Better Times are Ahead

By Nam Hari Kaur

We are at the precipice of an extraordinary moment in the evolution of humanity, and as a collective psyche there is an overwhelming call for swift and powerful change. The U.S. presidential election is the primary focus of this change, and much of the world waits for an answer they believe will restore hope.

Regardless of who wins, it’s going to be messy for a while, as no one is going to give up too easily. Social unrest will prevail, so have your wits about you as you move through the world and your daily routine. As the Native American Indians say, “Pray to God, and paddle away from the rocks.”

The number 11 of November represents the themes of alignment, clarity, and a higher vision that is inclusive of all. Number 11 in the negative polarity has an “Us against Them” mentality, and this dynamic will be wreaking havoc throughout the month.

What seems so profoundly obvious to me is that you cannot consciously govern a country through just one person’s point of view. A qualified team is required, a team that can work in a synchronistic harmony of thoughts, ideas, and a plan for the future.

This is the higher octave of the number 11, and that’s what is meant to happen at this pivot point of human evolution. It will take time to steady the course, and yet knowing that we are headed in the right direction can bring hope and relief.

Sometimes there are such extreme circumstances over a prolonged period of time that it begins to have a “mind-bending” effect on people. We are witnessing this in our present culture, as alcohol and substance abuse is on the rise. What is even more on the rise are the emotions of anger, frustration, and rage in response to our nation’s needs not being properly met.

The good news in this forecast is that starting November 18th there is a shift in the momentum of leadership response to the pandemic on a global level. More nations will be trading notes and learning from each other. Fresher guidelines will emerge that can help to curb the outbreak of disease.

Between now and the 18th we personally need a strategy that helps release our fear of the future, while giving us the clarity to navigate the present moment. The spin cycle of the mind can create a state of burn-out, and that is an unhappy and shallow place to live in. The Meditation for Burn-Out can correct this, as it creates a new pranic life force within you. This life force shifts your perception of a situation, and allows you to rise above conflict and duality.

From the 18th onward we are better able to get a grip on things and move forward. Whew! Plans will begin to gel and formulate more easily, giving a sense of relief that we still have a level of control over our lives. Right alignment with others will fall into place more naturally, as if people are being custom delivered to you.

The last 40 days of the year begins on the 21st of November, and this time period can have a magical quality to it if you have your higher guidance system sorted out. In a nutshell, are you vibing with a greater sense of possibility, or are you being held captive by your shadow side? Do you keep knocking on the same door where the person who answers always shoots you down, or are you seeking a better neighborhood?

You have far more control than you may be aware of, and number 11 calls and confronts us to, “Wake up damn-it, you are so much better than allowing yourself to be treated like this!”

Right now nearly everyone is in a heart-felt space of prayer for something more in their life. We are fast approaching the moment where we are no longer grounded on the runway, waiting for the green light to take off. Green lights are a’coming, so be sure you are clear and balanced within yourself to enjoy the take off and journey.

The Lunar Eclipse on November 30th, and the Solar Eclipse on December 14th are further “wind flap adjustments” for your personal flight. Wind is the Air Element, and when the air is properly balanced in the body we are fearless. We can speak our truth, and are able to decipher correctly what another person is really saying. This is a precious and invaluable gift, as it saves time and “wear and tear” on the human psyche. No more, “I can’t believe he/she did it to me again!”

2020 has been a unique time not experienced before in recent history. The double zero’s of the calendar year have given a “zeroing-out” effect in relation to the double 2’s of the year. The number 2 represents the themes of support, harmony, balance, and “I’ve got your back” in the positive polarity. All these areas have been challenged this year.

The good news is that in 2021 we have the number 1 added to the equation. Number 1 is initiation, new beginnings, visionary and enthusiastic. The overall number for 2021 is a 5, and number 5 is enterprising, resourceful, likes to travel, and loves teaching and all forms of communication and visual arts. Number 5 is expansive and bold, and by Spring of next year we will be moving in a more progressive and upbeat direction as a humanity.

Patience pays, and in these next few days before the shift on the 18th tell yourself, “I am good, I got this, and I will be granted my next right move in life.”

Heavens have your back more than you know, and the assisting Angels of guidance and good luck are hovering in the air around you. Just breathe in, and let it be so. Sat Nam.

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