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Radiant Beauty Webinar

We all know people who seem to glow naturally, as if a light were on inside their skin, and inside their very nature. Not only are they beautiful, they seem to attract goodness wherever they go.

The Kundalini lifestyle provides amazing tools for allowing our natural true radiance to shine through and emerge into our lives. This kind of beauty is the natural potential for all of us. It is the result of living a healthy and aware life.

When the body is cared for and the glands are activated, physical beauty and radiance shine all around.

When the soul is honored, the beauty of a conscious personality comes forth.

When the mind is toned, the shine and confidence of a peaceful personality emerges in all we do.

All these states of beauty come together into one beautiful radiant being of the self. This is the vision that Yogi Bhajan held for all.

“Not only are you powerful, you are prestigious. Not only are you prestigious, you are beautiful. Not only are you beautiful, you are consciousness. Not only are you consciousness, you are the spirit. Not only are you the spirit, you are the security of the future, the most bountiful beauty ever God created. Men call it ‘woman.’” 
-Yogi Bhajan, July 23, 1984

In this webinar by Karena Virginia, you will enjoy lively discussion around what is true beauty. Karena will share beauty tips about food, exercise, cleansing and lifestyle. She will also be sharing the Meditation to Discover the Beauty and Heavens Within.

About Karena

Karena began her career as a spiritual teacher while working in the entertainment industry as an actress and model. Meeting many beautiful people on her journey, she began to recognize the human need for sharing and uplifting one another with heart-centered compassion as a tool for happiness.

Ever since childhood she has had a sensitive and profound love for humanity, and has practiced opening her heart while embracing the divine connectivity between all. As a certified healer and yoga instructor registered in the Kundalini and Hatha schools for nearly twenty years, Karena brings accessibility, wisdom and transformational healing to her teachings.

She has just finished creating her first Yoga video, and finds tremendous joy in sharing Yogi Bhajan's teachings with all. Her prayer is that these miraculous teachings can become accessible to people in search of answers and comfort at this time of tremendous universal change.

We are entering a new age of living, and the science of Kundalini Yoga has the capacity to shine miraculous light and abundant love on our planet. Karena encourages students to connect powerfully with their truth through love, compassion, inner beauty and radiance. She believes we can be our own instruments in dramatically and positively enriching our lives once we accept and align ourselves with the gracious gift of attracting miracles by illuminating our brilliance with light and gentle surrender. www.karenavirginia.com

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