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Spiritual Names Contribution


Your spiritual name as a technology holds the key to your own destiny. Everything truly valuable requires an exchange of energy. Yogi Bhajan taught that consciousness raising technologies are most valued when something is given in return. It is in the giving that your prosperity is assured as your contribution signals to the Universe that you are ready to receive.

请为您所申请的名字捐款(每个名字至少50.00美元)!这么做不但肯定了这个名字的价值,您同时也资助了灵性名字办公室的运作,让它能持续为更多人服务。如果捐款,您将在一周内收到您的名字;如果您没有捐款,最晚于四周内可以收到。 借此机会在下一页捐款
If you contribute 60.00美元 or more, you will receive a beautiful Spiritual Name Destiny Card of your choice with your spiritual name and its meaning.
Your Free Spiritual Name Destiny Card
Since you are giving a spiritual name contribution of 60.00美元 or more, you are entitled to receive a FREE Spiritual Name Destiny Card. 单击下面的“继续”以自定义您的卡片。

Spiritual Name Destiny Cards

Destiny Cards

Your spiritual name destiny card serves as a beautiful reminder of the divine sound current (nadh) and meaning of your spiritual name and its power to deliver you to your highest destiny. Use it on your altar as you meditate on your name, on your desk as a name plate, or as an uplifting and divine art piece.

Each card is 5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.78cm), fully laminated, and printed to order with a beautiful design, your spiritual name, and its "essence meaning." The essence meaning is a short translation of the meaning of your spiritual name.